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Introduction to Jobs in F1

Everything you need to know to work in Formula 1. If you would like to be a Formula 1 driver, or working in the pit lane we explain how you can make that happen. The Jobs in F1 team explain the qualifications required to perform many of the team roles, we give you clear guidance where to study and the courses to move you quickly into the Motorsport industry, and we state in simple terms how to develop your racing career and the formulas that you need to compete in to work your way to an F1 drivers seat. Just as important as a qualification we will teach you how to develop your network connections in the motorsport industry and how to find the right recruitment in F1. Do not be dismayed if you do not have an engineering degree there are several jobs and careers performed within an F1 team and support industries. Take the first positive step to a job in F1 and take a good look around www.jobsinf1.com