Career In F1

When you are thinking about an engineering career in Formula 1 you need to consider all of the types of jobs that exist, your skills, and your qualifications whether they are academic or vocational.

A good CV is essential and you need to understand how a recruiter will assess your CV and determine if you have the right credentials and pedigree to be a part of a team at the pinnacle of its sport. Formatting your CV is an essential skill for any job hunter whether recently educated or an experienced engineer.

It is also important to know how to pitch yourself in terms of the type of job and your salary expectation.

If any of these are not inline with expectation then your chances of getting a job in formula 1 are not good.

For help and advice visit where you will find career guide that explains the career choices, options, grades and qualifications required from GCSE to PhD.

If you do not have an engineering degree you can still get a job in Formula 1 if you can demonstrate commitment and intelligence to your Motorsport.

Finding out how to get a job in Formula 1 has never been explained in so much detail. Visit our Formula 1 Career Guide page to find out how to get a job in formula 1.

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