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    Inside The Formula 1 Career Guide

    Inside The Formula 1 Career Guide

    • Introduction

    This guide has been designed to give you tips to help prepare you for a career in career in Formula 1, and to give you step by step instruction to follow for your racing or engineering career, with details of the preferred qualifications and the educational facilities recognised by the Formula 1 teams.

    • Preface

    When I started my career I had little to no guidance on how to build a career in motorsport, let alone know how to get a job in formula 1. I always believed that success is a result of preparation, and this is also what will help you be successful. There are many people who would like to be part of formula one, but like me had no idea how to get a job in F1; so I have written this book all about the jobs that exist in Formula 1 companies to help you plan your career and to save you a considerable amount of time and effort.

      • Acknowledgement

    I would like to honour the generations of drivers and engineers that preceded me and formed my passion for formula 1. I hold dear an admiration for those competing today, and I look forward to being witness to the ingenuity and talent of the future generation of drivers and engineers, I would like to commend all of the people that give their time and talent to supporting F1 and making the sport the incredible global success that it has become.

      • Researching A Career In F1

    If you are looking for a job in F1 you should invest a bit of time in researching the types of job you would like to perform. Depending on the type of role you choose to pursue you need to understand what kind of qualification and education you need. In this book we have focused on becoming a F1 driver and an engineer, but there are numerous peripheral jobs within the formula 1 industry and we have listed these jobs in this book. You will also find details of how the industry recruits and how you open the door of opportunity.

      • Education Explained

    Which subjects to focus on, academic and comprehensive schooling, SATS, GCSE’s & EBac’s IGCSE’S grading explained, and secondary school options.
    Extra curricula activities and initiates supported by F1.

      • Sixth Form School & College

    Understanding which courses to choose and where to study. GCE A Level courses and grading, BTEC Courses and grading, vocational and academic higher education qualifications.

      • University Education

    University levels of education, types of degree, balance of study, degree grading, the courses and disciplines for an F1 career, examples of the course modules. Th cost of higher education and entry requirements, how to apply, the preferred Universities and courses.
    Extra curricula activities to set you apart from other students.

      • Creating A Great CV

    How to format you CV, the golden rules, how to optimise your CV for search engines and recruiters.

      • Apprenticeships In F1

    What is an apprenticeship, how to apply and what will you learn.

      • Internships In F1

    What is an internship and gaining work experience.

      • Building Your Network

    Inside tips and advice to create your network and raise your professional profile.

      • Getting Headhunted

    Key inside tips and advice.

      • The Interview

    How to prepare and control an interview, what is expected in a candidate and questions you may be asked.

      • What Are The Benefits Of F1?

    How F1 contributes to industry and education.

      • Jobs In F1

    Company structures and operations, all of the jobs that exist in an F1 company based on 2014 technical regulations, key suppliers and peripheral industry, with job descriptions.

      • How To Use Jobs In F1 Website

    How to use this website to assist and expedite your preparation for a job in Formula 1.

      • Circuits & Volunteers

    How to get involved, volunteering and marshaling.

      • How To Become A F1 Driver

    Strategies to plan your racing career, getting sponsorship and management.

      • Karting

    How to start, where to get your equipment, where to train, and where to race and the budget needed.

      • Becoming A Racing Driver

    Applying for a license, which formulas to race to gain experience, clubs and organisations.

      • Route To A F1 Seat

    The formulas that lead to a F1 seat, driver academy programmes, driver pay and race budgets, F1 teams history, preparing for a race weekend and what happens at the track.

      • A Few Final Words

    This book was written to give you an insight to jobs that exist in Formula 1, and to inspire you to follow your dream of working in Formula 1.
    I would like to wish you all the best of luck and I sincerely hope that you have the strength of character and commitment to fulfil your dream. Please remember you make your own luck and it is born from preparation.

      • Abbreviations & Acronyms

    An explanation of key phrases and acronyms used in the industry.

    So if you would like to know how to get a job in F1 you can order a copy of our Formula 1 career guide. This includes contributions from past and present members of the formula 1 circus, motorsport industry, and universities. So subscribe to Jobs in F1 on the home page and be amongst the first buyers to receive the limited introduction discount price of £14.99 plus £1.99 post and packaging.

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    Job In Formula 1

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