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About the Author of How to get as job in formula 1
My passion for cars began at the age of six when my father worked for Lotus, I was introduced to Colin Chapman the founder of Lotus at his home in Hethal on a family fun day. I was given the opportunity to sit in worlds first ever Lotus Esprit and this was then when it occurred to me that there were cars, and then there were sports cars.

My dad built the Esprit that featured in the James Bond movie “The Spy Who Loved Me” and as a child this was the coolest kudos; the car was fast, beautiful, glamorous, and famous and it featured on the walls of children’s bedrooms for generation inspiring a passion. I knew then I was going to be an engineer.

I began to fall in love with Formula 1 when I saw the drivers racing wheel-to-wheel and listened to sounds of the engines and the crowd on the TV. My passion started with the dream of being an F1 driver and as a child karting was just the greatest sport that existed but opportunities to drive a kart were few and far between, only the occasional holiday ever presented an opportunity.

I can remember feeling the adrenaline from the kart pitching as I braked and then turned into the corner driving it round on the edge of grip with the throttle looking to emulate what I had seen on TV.

I consider myself very privileged that I was able to join the McLaren organization and became part of a team of engineers so dedicated and focused on achieving our objectives that success was a by product of our effort. Our personal goal was to always to outperform our own expectations and the expectation of your colleagues. We never had problems, just a series of challenges that we would discuss, and a set of regulations in which to interpret and apply engineering principles. The satisfaction of creating an idea and then developing that concept into a design and seeing it applied and perform as man and machine in perfect harmony on the edge of the performance limits is poetry in motion.

One question I am frequently asked is “how do you get a job in formula 1?”
Given that Formula 1 is a highly sought after career and that competition for any job is very high, the answer to that question is described and the question of “how does someone become a a formula 1 driver?” is described step by step in my book: How To Get A Job In formula 1.

I thoroughly enjoy my career and would like to help those that are committed and dedicated to succeed, and dream of becoming part of the formula 1 family. Based on my experiences I set up as a means to publish information and to describe how you can prepare and optimize your career opportunity.

How to get a job in formula 1 describes strategies to help you develop your opportunity, to stand out from crowd and how to maximize your potential for selection.