What Is On The Membership Pages?

Grid Membership
Note: Grid membership is free to join

1/18 Scale Model Competition
The rules for entry and prize draw terms, and your opportunity to win this years F1 Championship winning car.

How A Pit Stop Happens In 4 Seconds
A step by step description of each persons job in the pit stop.

Jobs in F1
All advertised Jobs in F1 can be found on this page.

How To Build An F1 Car
A series of education videos taking a tour of an F1 factory.

Formula 1 Live
Interactive apps and website URL’s to help you keep informed of the Formula 1 action.

Podium Membership – For Professional Career Development

Interview Tools
There are some simple tips and equipment that you can use to raise your profile and use to impress at an interview. This page also links you to Amazon where you can get great deals on the equipment.

Writing A CV For F1
This explains how you need to structure your CV and the content that it requires so that it can be found by internet search engines, recruiter search bots, and the F1 Human Resources.

Education For F1 Engineering
This page works in conjunction with the How To Get A Job In F1 book and provides further details on reference materials to educate yourself for a Job in Formula 1.

F1 Gallery
The Gallery of FIA approved photographer Russell Batchelor from XPB.CC.

Driver Career Information
This page works in conjunction with the How To Get A Job In F1 book and provides further details on reference materials to to help you develop your driving career.

F1 Driver Management
Provides contact details to experienced and favoured F1 driver management companies.

F1 Sponsors & Suppliers
Provides details of suppliers and sponsors for F1. They already have a relationship with F1 and are a great place to start to gather sponsors that could support your entire racing career.

Who Works In Formula 1
An extensive list of Formula 1 contacts for all teams, find out who is doing which job within the team. Find out who are the directors & team principles, who is working in the pit lane, who works in the design office, who works in manufacturing and who carries out the wider commercial activities for the business.

Public Pages

This explains why this website was created. People always asked the questions:

  • How does someone become a formula 1 driver?
  • How do you become a formula 1 engineer, and what qualifications do you need?
  • Are there any jobs that do not require a degree?

So we answered this in the most comprehensive feature possible and dedicated an entire book to the subject.

Career Guide
This is an insight into the content of the career guide How To Get A Job In Formula 1.

Provides details of the race calendar, teams and drivers.

FIA Formula 1 World Championship Standings
Provides updates on the driver and team championship standing.

F1 Technical
Is aimed at providing you with specialist knowledge of a F1 car design, from the whole vehicle package to developing the individual key systems of the car.

F1 Merchandise
Grand Prix Tickets
You can buy all F1 Grand Prix tickets and hospitality packages.

Formula 1 Watches
We have put together the F1 collection of Ladies & Gentlemen’s watches based on manufactures that sponsor F1. Orders are fulfilled by Amazon so you will get a great price.

F1 Games
Games are great way to learn the tracks and how to set up your car, and with force feedback steering wheels you can feel how the car oversteers and understeers. Orders are fulfilled by Amazon so you will get a great price.

F1 History
You can see how the teams have changed since 1950 and grown to the teams we recognise today.

2 thoughts on “What Is On The Membership Pages?

  1. bala

    whats the procedure to be followed to become a f1 mechanic????
    whats the basic qualification???

    1. The Jobs In F1 Team Post author

      Hi Bala,

      You can download a copy of How To Get A Job In Formula 1 on the Amazon Kindle in India. This explains the qualifications required, the jobs in an F1 team and how you can build your network and create your opportunities. Alternatively the Podium membership provides access to a lot of information that will help you.

      Jobs In F1 Team


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