F1 Games

We were asked “why do you have games on a jobs website”? We have two answers, the first is that this is a good way to learn about vehicle dynamics, torque and force, under steer and over steer, how to set up a vehicle and to learn about the tracks and the right driving line, this is useful information for an interview for an F1 career. The second is that it is great fun. Any fan of formula 1 has probably dreamed of being a Formula 1 driver and the modern formula 1 games and f1 simulators are such high quality graphics it really is a great way to get close to the experience and excitement of driving a formula 1 car.

Some of the best games on the market are:
XBOX 360 F1 2013 Games

Wireless ForceFeedBack Racing Wheel (Xbox 360)

Playstation PS3 F1 2013 Games

Logitech Driving Force GT Steering Wheel (PS2 & PS3)

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