F1 Technical

The technical page has been designed to give you access to essential information on “how to design a formula 1 car”.

The first point of call for any Formula One Design is the official FIA Regulations for the upcoming season. The interpretation of these regulations can make or break the teams season and F1 car design, just look at how Jenson Button and Braun GP won the 2009 world championship with the double diffuser, contested by many teams but deemed legal by the FIA.

‎You can download a copy of the official 2015 FIA Technical Regulations at:
F1 2015 Technical Regulations

The official Sporting Regulations at:
F1 2015 Sporting Regulations

You also need to understand the basic principles of vehicle design and vehicle dynamics. Jobsinf1 has selected the following F1 books to start you on the right track.

Get a fantastic insight into the design of a Red Bull Racing F1 car by Christian Horner.

Automotive Math Handbook is a fantastic book for any student of motor sport.

Inspired to Design by Nigel Bennett.

The Science of Formula 1 Design by David Tremayne

Race Car Aerodynamics by Joseph Katz.

Race Car Chassis by Forbes Aird

Race Car Engineering & Mechanics by Paul Van Valkenburgh

Competition Car Suspension

Competition Car Electrics by Jonathan Lawes

Competition Car Data Logging by Simon McBeath

A Practical Guide to Race Car Data Analysis by Bob Knox

Engine Builder Handbook HP1245 by Tom Monroe

Successful Composite Techniques by Keith Noakes

CNC Programming Handbook with Tool Path Simulator CD-ROM.

Formula One Race Circuits: Explore the World’s Greatest Race Tracks

Lotus 72 Manual by Ian Wagstaff

McLaren M23 Manual by Ian Wagstaff

Lotus 78 & 79 by John Tipler