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10 thoughts on “Membership For Confirmation

    1. Jobs In F1 Team Post author

      Hi Daniel

      Thank you for the complement on the website. We hope you find it useful and that we can help you develop a career in Formula 1.

    1. Jobs In F1 Team Post author

      Hi Shankar Prajapati,

      You can download a copy of How To Get A Job In Formula 1 on the Amazon Kindle in India. This explains the qualifications required, the jobs in an F1 team and how you can build your network and create your opportunities. Alternatively the Podium membership provides access to a lot of information that will help you.

      Jobs In F1 Team

    1. Jobs In F1 Team Post author

      Hi Ben,

      The Podium is a separate membership. This is how I give my time to assist people really interested in opening up communication on a one to one basis.

  1. Kanan Block

    You know in Cambodia it has nothing about motorsport, a lot of people there don’t know about racing and the very basic one is karting it’s no I don’t know where to I’m 15 and two more years I’ll finish my high school maybe I have to go abroad to England for start that.but I’m very afraid that my family doesn’t have a lot money you already know for living abroad it spend a lot money to living there like prepare for me to living there and for start my career. Here is my problem so can you me please? And please tell me what I need to do? Please?

    1. Jobs In F1 Team Post author

      Hi Kanan,

      You have a particularly difficult situation. You need to focus on your education and research IGCSE’s (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) that are internationally recognised qualifications scoring a minimum of C in all subjects, this is known as an EBac (English Baccalaureate). You also need to make sure that you attain a good level of English Grade C or above or the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) scoring 6.5 or above. If you can attain this you can apply to a UK based education authority.

      If motorsport is not well known in Cambodia you could do something extraordinary and organise a race event, acting as a promotor and gaining sponsorship from businesses to support it. You could use this as an opportunity to raise money for your education.



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